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Saturday, June 25, 2016
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 Welcome to Dr. Klein's website

Family Physician, Pediatrician, Neonatologist, Maternity Care Researcher, Maternity, Primary Care and Organizational Consultant

Dr. Michael KleinDr. Michael C. Klein is PI on a 4 year CIHR funded multidisciplinary study of attitudes and beliefs of all maternity care providers: obstetricians, family physicians, midwives, maternity care nurses, doulas and the women they serve—across urban and rural Canada. He is PI of a Vancouver Foundation and Michael Smith Foundation funded study of the role of maternity care in community sustainability in rural BC. This is a collaborative research program with Northern Health and the SFU Centre for Sustainable Community Development. We are developing a decision-making model to help health authorities make difficult decisions in the face of low volume maternity care.

Dr. Klein is best known for his landmark RCT of episiotomy that demonstrated that routine episiotomy caused the very problems it was supposed to prevent. This work is credited with leading to a dramatic drop in episiotomy and a parallel drop in severe rectal trauma across Canada and beyond. He has researched low volume issues in family practice maternity care, sustainability of family practice maternity care and the role of attitudes and beliefs in medical decision-making.

His most current research aims to put high quality maternity care information into the hands of pregnant women so that they can make evidence-based choices and discuss their values and needs with their birth provider.